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Big Data & Analytics Big Data & Analytics provides a set of services based on Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our experience and skills, matured during a lot of years in several projects, allow us to conduct customers along the best way.   Business Intelligence & Analytics We work with some BI tools, in particular with “in memory” tools like QlikView and […]

Software & Apps Software & Apps

Writing Code is one of our main competences. Software Development We can provide the Software Solutions by using various tools and technologies, like Java, J2EE, J2ME, .NET, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, Objective-C, HTML5, Javascript, Python and other languages. Mobile Apps We also have strong expertise in Mobile Applications Development using many platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, […]

Recruitment Recruitment

People Surfing We are looking for motivated and skilled professionals for our Team, and to offer IT recruitment expertise for different clients. In this section (under construction) you’ll can register, send your CV, and get the information as you needed. Reliability The value proposition of will be hinged on these strategic keystones: a consulting […]

Project Management Project Management

Accept new Challenges The complexity of Information Technology is continuosly growing, challenging the consistent application of defined project management processes, resource planning, forecasting, and other demands. A well-managed Project Management can address these challenges in order to ensure successful project delivery. We are able to work with clients when they need to deploy a new […]

Consulting Consulting

What is “Consulting” Consultancy is one of the most high activities for a Professional: he can guide Customers to take the best choices for their business. It’s a responsibility that needs great experience, and the best skills in a specific area. Only the best and experienced Professionals can become “ Consultants”. Consulting on what? We […]


Good model, strong Projects Only with a good modelling expertise you can assure the best to your Projects. We adopt UML (Unified Modelling Language) for every Project, from Software Engineering to Business Modelling (BPMN) and Big Data. Using UML notation at the best, in many years of experience we have reached the ability to model […]

Opinions & Articles

How to Manage Work in An Office That Never Sleeps

How to Manage Work in An Office That Never Sleeps

The ‘organization that never sleeps’. 1. Set schedules – and stick to them. Working for a remote company is often thought of as the ultimate job for flexible work hours but allowing your team to work ‘whenever they work best’ (whether it’s 5am or 11pm) often leads to chaos, lack of production and managerial frustration. […]

Are we approaching a new IT Golden Age?

Are we approaching a new IT Golden Age?

Are we about to enter in a new IT “golden age”? Some “gurus” say this, but maybe we should look at this possible phenomena from different angles, otherwise we risk to view only one slice of the pie: instead we need to look at the “whole picture“. As predicted, some businesses are becoming “data driven […]

Standing on the table

Standing on the table

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Si comincia Iniziare un’avventura come questa mi ha posto fin da subito una serie di interrogativi, il primo e fondamentale è stato: “cosa ho da dire?”, ma a questo forse risponderò dopo. Inizierei dalla successiva, “cosa può avere di interessante una pagina come questa nell’infinità dei blog del mondo?” e già una questione simile mi […]

Turning data into intelligence makes the difference between experts and amateurs.

We help to get the best value from data, using the best-in-class Analytics methods and solutions according with your business goals.

Offering a multidisciplinary approach, great experience and strong execution capabilities, we lead to shift towards “data-driven-business” with competence and the ability to solve complex problems, enabling better decisions.

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